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The Healer's Society
A Serial Story on Kindle Vella
The first three episodes are available to read for free!

Joanna is an ordinary woman with a special talent inherited from her grandmother. She can see beyond the skin and identify illness within the body. Then, if the conditions are right, she can rid them of the disease. But once her talent is exposed, will her powers be ridiculed? Is her life endangered?

Meanwhile, Zoey struggles with the same talents on her own. She falls into a downward spiral of doubts until she discovers there are others who can heal. Once the healers find one another, they become part of a legacy that forms The Healer’s Society.

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Exploratory Tales: A Novel

In a world of magical realism, Mikita must make a choice. Should she continue on the path she has been groomed for and become the next spiritual leader in the village? 

When she informs her father, who is the current spiritual leader about her inward battle, he encourages her to go on an exploratory. A journey into mythical lands to discover who she is inside and her unique path. 

Then there is Gareth. He finds himself a single father after his wife died at a young age. Unable to leave the past behind, he struggles to reach new heights in his creativity as an architect. When his world intersects with Mikita’s, will she be able to guide him through a successful exploratory of his own? 

 Exploratory Tales is one story that intertwines two fables set in nature. Fables with a fresh perspective that will pull you in with unique adventures, then leave you enlightened. 

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The Five Dimensions of Self-Awareness

The Five Dimensions of Self-Awareness mark the way to the benefits of growing self-awareness. They include getting closer to our deepest self, finding tangible ways to maintain a life that is more enjoyable and having an open door to being immersed in the present moment. The journey begins with a novel way of thinking about the role of the “I” or ego within our minds and how we interact with the world around us on a daily basis. Philosophically driven it has spiritual tones, yet the framework is distinct from any single religious tradition, making it a book for everyone. Once embraced, the dimensions provide foundational pillars for further transformation while avoiding common challenges. Clearly written with engaging examples, this short book isn’t easily forgotten.